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S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Oblivion Lost Mod is Awesome

I reinstalled STALKER the other day there; I had read about the Oblivion Lost mod and decided to try it out.  Initally it was “more of the same” but once the changes started showing up, (freaky weather, startling darkness, zombies and mutants all over) it got very very exciting.

I can’t portray how startling the crazy weather and sudden black nights are in text; especially when it comes on out of nowhere.  The screen goes black and then the whole world seems to shake and rumble.  It was amazing.

Congratulations to the Oblivion Lost team for an excellent Mod.

Not a Deep Crow

Deepack-CrowPa, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

I paid the 10 bucks to get the full SPORE creature creator. Not really for me, but so that my kid could play with it and really get to see all she can do with SPORE when it comes out.

I tried to make a Deep Crow with it (but you can’t control the color all that well) so I had to punch it up in post.

Please enjoy Deepack-Crowpa

You know you've done wrong by your customer when

Starting immediately, we will be upping the activation count to a 5 by 5 plan. We will be raising the maximum amount of computers a user can have BioShock installed on simultaneously from 2 to 5, and allowing a user to reinstall BioShock on each of those computers from 3 times to 5 times

Oh, something is wrong with your install?  Reinstall.  Hmm, still not working, reinstall.

Have these people even seen the inside of a software support center?

Reinstall is step 2 in the four-step customer blow-off plan for bad techs.

For those at home, the four-step plan is this:

1.   Did you reboot?  Will that take a long time?  Go ahead and call back if that doesn’t help!

2.   Did you reinstall?  That will take a long time!  Go ahead and call back if that doesn’t help!

3.   Did you install Patch X+1, [where x is the version the customer has and +1 is a cosmetic update]?  The download will take a long time.  Go ahead and call back if that doesn’t help!

4.   I’m sorry, I don’t support that operating system, let me direct you to the correct agents, thanks for calling!

At least twice in any long-term support issue, a customer is going to be forced to reinstall.  If they have done so on their own they are already buttressing against these imaginary limits.

Let customers who have physical media or downloaded “unlocked” media reinstall as they want, if you are trying to lock stuff down to prevent piracy, REWARD paying customers with content that is only available through online activation of keys, make the enhanced content online only and activated only through an SSL encrypted keying system.

Ta Daaaa!

Revenue stream saved