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Disappointing Fifth-Dimensional Imps

What kind of Imp?

If you’re familiar with Superman, you’re probably familiar with Mister Mxyzptlk in some form. He’s a 5th Dimensional Being who has taken a liking to Superman, and has on occasion been used to establish elseworlds style changes to the world “what if Superman was A Girl?” that kind of thing. So I’m referring to AI Drawing tools, they are really neat, but they are not a replacement for actual skill, there’s a bit of skill in creating prompts that work, but it’s not super science, not yet.

So you don’t really get “what you want” most of the time, you get something close for example

This image was made with this prompt “line art illustration of a Cyborg cowgirl, tall and sleek, walking with purpose along the street in an old-time ghost town,detailed, gritty,asymmetrical” It’s pretty close to what I wanted, the faces aren’t great but this is not the singular subject either, I’m actually looking for androgynous but that comes up inhuman every time.

This is right in the correct place, do I just freeze my seed here and make adjustments, let’s try.

Wow, except the face this is pretty close to what I was looking for. 5th Dimensional Imps, I tell you.


I Take it back, with a couple small adjustments, I’ve got myself a new Wellpaper Candidate

Seed: 2418606849