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Tag: Generation X

Generation X: Now is the Time!

Why we stopped loving and started just keeping away from each other

Dear Everyone older than 35 and younger than 55:

You lived through the Cold War, we lived with Nuclear Annihilation hanging over us every single day of the week. We watched movies about our neighbours being blown to atoms. We were forced to tolerate Motown via the Whitest movies ever composed.

We survived AIDS. Something that seemed to be so frighteningly omnipresent (thanks to the Murdoch papers) that we thought twice about using public toilets, phones and shared eating spaces. Hugs seemed like taking a risk. All that backwards fear was for something.

This is it; the thing Generation X was made for, bleak, cigarette ash-stained, lost and solitary. Put on some Cure and revel in it, the future we were promised has arrived! #GenXfuture