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Sometimes it’s exactly what you think

Investigators were shocked at the sheer number of skulls found in the house of 58-year-old Dallas resident, Henry Waltham. A prominent voice in the online Q movement, Mr. Waltham had been a vocal supporter of the notion that “Democrats” were abducting Children for use in occult practices.

He had escaped notice for years, living alone in a large house in a tawny subdivision. He was finally discovered by a lawn maintenance crew that had mistakenly begun work in his back yard instead of a neighbor and happened to look in the window depicted in this artist concept image.

Merced Ruis was doing a quick circle of the yard checking for things in the grass when he noticed the unusual shapes in the window, looking closer he couldn’t miss the skulls in the darkened room, nor the photos of missing people on every wall. He stepped away from the window and called over his co-workers who all agreed that the room was very disturbing.

It was less than 24 hours later that police investigators opened the hidden door that led to the room and were met with the evidence that Henry “Hank” Waltham, far from being a “God-Fearing Christian” was in fact a deeply evil, child killing “Necromancer” who had been hiding among the members of Q online for years now.

The Local GOP also disavowed him, despite him being the precinct captain for 30 years.

Ed Kruk Loves America Like Hong Kong Loves tibet

My name is Ed Kuck and I am the web master of this website that has received so much attention in recent days. I am 70 years old and a veteran with more than 20 years of service in the United States Air Force. I have been married to my lovely wife, Rumpa, for 35 years. Rumpa was born and raised in Thailand and became a United States citizen after we were married. Together we have two bi-racial children of which we are very proud. One is honorably serving our country while our youngest is still in high school.
Hey Ed,  from my count, you married Rumpa when you were 35.  From age 18-35 you had ever opportunity to marry an American Woman!  What was wrong with America then?  Huh?  35 years ago, A Thai woman?  Probably met during that long forgotten conflict in Asia?  Why were you in Thailand?  And why did she leave when democracy came to Thailand?  Don’t you love Democracy?  Ed?  Do you REALLY love America, or do you just live there for tax purposes?

According you Ed, this isn’t Racist: “Obama loves America like O.J. loved Nicole
When I put up the controversial slogan on my website, it didn’t even dawn on me that the comment could be perceived as racist. When I first saw the slogan, the thought that immediately came to mind was that this was a statement about love and hate. I found that icon during a time when I was watching Reverend “God Damn America” Wright on television. I was angry that a Presidential candidate who professes his love for America had been sitting through 20 years of sermons by a man who said, “the United States brought on the 9-11 attacks with its own terrorism,” “America’s chickens have come home to roost,” and “the government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color.” How could you love America and sit through that garbage? I love America, and darn it, I would have stood up and walked out! Obama refused to denounce his Pastor until his polling numbers started to take a nose-dive.

So, something some Pastor said justifies your attack on Obama, not anything Obama said or did.  Just something his Pastor said.  I imagine that your friends in the Republicans should be expected to expel you from the group now?  I mean, you said bad stuff and married a foreigner, clearly they should publicly denounce you!

I have always had a diverse group of friends over the years and have never looked at them as black, white, red, yellow, green or any color of the rainbow. I have a good friend named Tom Inge. Tom is an African-American and a Pemberton Twp. Republican Councilman. Tom can’t get his restaurant open in our town because the Democratic Planning Board members are prejudiced against him. I don’t know whether it is because of his race or because he is a Republican, but I do know that he is both, and he is being screwed. Why doesn’t the press cover this story? Probably because he is a Republican.

Ah, the good old, “I have a black friend” defense.  The corollary to “I’m friends with lots of black people” as if any of that proves that you are no racist.  Why not be honest and sa:

“I thought it was funny, they are both black and I don’t like either of them and I wanted to associate Obama with a murderer in the sense that I think he would murder america”

Instead we’re treated to this shameful song and dance where you use your kids, your wife and your friend Tom as a kind of shield from criticism.  You Coward.  You weak 70-year-old coward.  You weren’t even infantry, you killed people from the sky.  Now you’re old and weak and looking for an out when you are caught making a shameful joke on behalf of your organization.  Man up and admit to what you intended.

So while I do apologize for offending anyone by the icon, I am more sorry that my family and friends had to endure such a traumatic experience because the PC police assumed that I was a racist. This is why I thought it was best to call my Municipal Chairwoman yesterday and resign my post as a committee-member. I think too much of the good people in the GOP to let the Democrats smear them because of my mistake.

This website always was and will continue to remain my own personal website, and I will put on it whatever I please!

If you don’t think your family and friends can take the heat, don’t make inflammatory statements on their behalf.  On that note, let me state that I am sure that I speak only for myself and not anyone else on this Blog.  Unless otherwise noted, I’m the person in charge of the keyboard.

Who knows if this will remain up, but if it does here is the link to the Eds website: