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It’s when you look at the rest of the fandom

It’s when I look at the people that surround Hunter S. Thompson with new eyes, the kind of guys who looked at the character he curated in his writing and the actual man and said, we see no difference in the two here.

I’ll tell you what, Hunter S. Thompson can write like a devil and his words snap and pop and sizzle on the page and in your ears and mind for weeks and months afterwords. “If only I could string together sentences like that man! Who could replace that mind who can take the mundane goings-on of a massive drug trip and turn it into such amazing prose?”

I still think his writing is one of the marvels of the modern age and we’ll do well to read his prose and his news pieces and opinion pieces and recognize that he lost hope in us as a species.

This sodden man, looked at humanity and said it wasn’t worth a toss of the dice.

Nihilism has never been good, or right, and it’s certainly no way to live a life. It’s certainly an ornate way to end it, though.