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Tag: ideas

You'll have to excuse my lack of posts

I’ve been short on ideas and energy these past couple of days.  I thought I had a winning idea for a short story this morning, but I’ve forgotten it between the shower and coming into the shack this morning.

Speaking of this morning, we tried to fix an impact printer today.  I was difficult, mostly due to the lack of instantaneous feedback and access to print queues.  Even though we performed the physical repair of the unit, I don’t think we actually fixed it.  Which doesn’t do much for my customer’s confidence in us nor own own sense of self-worth.

In terms of disclosure; here are some ideas that I didn’t write about over the past couple of days:

  • Since I defended Mike Myers, why don’t I defend Edie Murphy too?
  • Why I liked the US version of “Pulse”
  • Post-Armageddon Kids and the death of Reason (Short Story idea that just came back to me)
  • GM and Canada, why does corporate investment by a government not come with strings like “you have to keep these jobs in the country”?
  • My Parking Ticket.

So, yeah, ideas I have now.  The will to put finger to key on all of them?  I have to form the ideas around them first.

Oh, yeah (the revisions feature of 2.6 is Boss)