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My desk looks neat when viewed through this hipsta-filter

My iPhone Two Weeks in

Punisher iPhone

Two weeks in on the iPhone I’m very very very Impressed.  I was able to link it to my Outlook account and synch it over the air via a flawlessly easy to configure WiFi account, I was able to use SSH from the device to manage my home servers without an issue and I can play music through the speaker when I just want noise where I am.  It’s flawless save for the massive touchscreen and Camera.

The Camera sucks, it’s almost pointless.  either improve it or remove it.  It’s almost like they included a camera just so that competition could say “it has no camera” it’s no good in low light it is sensitive to shaky hands and requires the user to press the touchscreen to work, causing shake.  Oh well.  Maybe someone will release an app that will delay the shutter until the camera is still (I know, someone has already, but I don’t want to pay for it)

Installing apps is easy and painless, I prefer synching via iTunes, but have used the App store on the phone without issue.

The interface really shines when you get to use all of it’s features, like RJDJ which allows you to organically interface with sound, touch and motion to create sound scapes.  It’s amazing.

I strongly recommend purchasing a nice cover for your phone like the one I have on mine, if only to protect the very vulnerable screen.

All in all, an excellet phone that is leaps and bounds over the Windows Mobile devices I have used in the past.