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Home Today

I’m at home today, with a sore throat.  It’s not too severe, but at the same time I have a ton of sick time saved, so I need to burn some of it.

I was out with Jason and 007Ben last night, we hit the sushi place and had a good time.  Jason was twitchy and excited because he was jacked up on cocaine. Cocaine, being an energy drink that tastes like liquefied lick-m-stix with pepper in it.  I drank one, it was an experience; Jason drank three in rapid succession. He may have actually been able to power a small turbine and light up some of New York.

Like I said earlier, we were out for Dinner at Sushi-Domo, in Eugene. A great sushi place that has the “Domo – Boat” a selection of sushi, sashimi  and chicken.  Usually, these things last at least 30-40 minutes while we eat and talk.  This thing might have lasted 20 minutes, maybe.  We tore it up.

Jason and I are both big guys, and Ben is a stunt eater, the boat didn’t stand a chance.

We came back to the casa nitemayr and watched “Dirty Work”, I had a great night.