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The Ret-Con Continues

While Spidey is giving Jameson the Kiss of Life, the Spider-Man comics still continue their mad dash for crap-tacular!

I’m just not digging on the curent plot lines, it IS a nice change from Spidey seeing his wife banging Lobster man on the side, but only in as much as it isn’t as horrifying. I’m not enjoying seeing 20-something Peter Parker waffle from place to place with no real anchor or center to work around. It’s just not as much fun without a home life for him, you know?

The Unlimited Spider-Man should be the proving ground for Single Spider, not the mainline stories. It seems, however, that the Ultimate universe is mired in “here’s what’s happened already, compressed into a few years” so that newer readers come into line with long term readers.

Add to all of this the “Villain of the Week” line of rogues that have been popping up and Spider-Man has undergone a pointless reboot with no end in sight. Hurry up and undo this stupid reboot and get things back on track Marvel, please?

No Gene, F**K You

There is no record industry around so we’re going to wait until everybody settles down and becomes civilised. As soon as the record industry pops its head up we’ll record new material.”

–Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons has made a great deal of hay over fans downloading music, of course Gene has made millions off of the backs of his fans merchandising everything he can to add to the Simmons Coffers.

So what if music just becomes free and artists make their living off of touring and merchandise?
Well therein lies the most stupid mistake anybody can make.

–Gene Simmons responds to an honest question in a Billboard interview

There you have it, the man who is using his fame and band to sell “Kiss Branded Vomit” says that you can’t make music money without being in the “industry.”

Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead may be making money off of their no-record industry adventures, but they are established bands; so we will have to ignore them for now.  Lily Allen might be an example of indie success, but her Dad is hardly a penniless dock worker.   I don’t think I can point to an independent success that was created whole-cloth by the Internet though; but at the same time I can’t point to someone who can say they failed because of it either.

It’s fun for the entrenched types to point fingers and just say “sue em all” but I have to think that they should be looking at ways to attract people into buying the damn albums.  I know it’s difficult to add value to the CDs, but when you are coming out and saying things like “the purchaser is licensing the music” you are probably going about it wrong.

But back on the topic of Old Gene.  Gene, you are selling out your whole life to make a quick buck, it’s not even an original idea either.  Why don’t you make an honest buck that isn’t made off of your fame and we’ll take your word for it, until then go back to the kabuki makeup and leave us kids alone.