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Tag: New House

Taking Care of the house

It was a good weekend to get out and see London and the surroundings, which is why I spent the weekend poking around the house and looking where I could fix things and so on.

I didn’t really get much done, what with spending Friday and Saturday fretting over a customer and the Sunday wondering if my basement was filling with gas after I *finally* managed to find the controls for the gas fireplace.  I get light-headed with worry when I think about it; gas flooding my basement and killing us all.  That thing is a hazard I just want rid of.  I’ll keep the one in the living room upstairs; but the basement one has to go.

Hung a few photos, realized that I have to dig out more of them to hang.

Our Yellow Roses have come and are going, fuchsia ones are growing along the path and Champagne and White are on the way.

On the other hand; it was a nice weekend for the sun.  I had to pass on a lawn mower, 75 bucks for a toro is fine, but I couldn’t swing it.  Maybe some other time.