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Weekend of Fun

Pow Wow Dancer
Pow Wow Dancer

Due to the fact that I am leaving soon and that I have a finite bank of off time, I have taken a long weekend, which means “I have all the time in the world for doing stuff”

Some of the stuff we did this weekend

  • Hiked up Spencer’s Butte
  • Ate at PF Changs
  • Took Pictures of a Peace March
  • Watched 28 Weeks Later
  • Attended a Pow Wow at the U of O

Here is a Quick Rundown of my opinion of each:

Spencer’s Butte:  A Fun drive out there. very long hike.

PF Changs:  Sucked, too expensive no ambiance.  The outdoor eating area is next to the fricking road.

Peace March:  I was surprised by it but took tons of photos:

Peace Cowboy
Peace Cowboy

28 Weeks Later:  GREAT!  Thrilling!  A worthy sequel.  I was worried that the lack of the formers cinematographer and director would hurt it, I was very very wrong.  I’m going to see it again tomorrow!

The Pow Wow: Despite living near to a reservation for most of my life, I never actually got to see one of these up close.  You cannot begin to imagine how amazing it is to hear the signing and drumming live like that.  Don’t hesitate to attend at least one.

Oh, one more thing.  NiteGirl had her first Mojito, she loved it!