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I honor of Hallowe'en (samhuinn) New Plots for Dracula

AgDamage Vlad has seen Better Days.  The whole Vampire mythos is about as stale as a series of Animated Bloodthirsty Corpses can be.  Vampires have been KungFu Artists, Cowboys, Criminals and Oversexed Kittens.

Francis Ford Coppolla gave us Dracula’s story as a timeless Love Story, a Romeo and Juliet between a fallen Holy Soldier and his lost Wife.

Vampires have even been a sexy alien menace.

It’s time for a new Dracula, abandoning everything that has gone one before.  A Vampire in a world that has no concept of it.  Imagine a teenage girl, finding that she has died in a freak accident on Church Grounds, finding herself in a coffin.  Forced to dig her way out she’s lost and disoriented, it’s been weeks since she died.  She’s ravenous, she drains a family dog, then vomits the blood.  It’s not animal blood she needs.

While the Vampire priest has been done (to death) the Vampire Postal Clerk hasn’t.  A Documentary style Horror/Comedy about a secretive man who is charged with being a pedophile and is instead found to be a vampire, touching off a worldwide hunt for the Vampires.

Dracula was never a Vampire.  He was always just a human pretender, but was clever enough to fool whole swathes of humanity.  When his secret is close to discovery, he seeks out a real vampire, a monster too terrifying to be real, unleashing a massive wave of “true” vampire bats that go on to infect a massive swath of the population of Europe.  Dracula is then forced to battle the Vampires he was pretending to be.