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America, All you can eat

Agustin Carstens / secretary of treasury
Agustin Carstens / secretary of treasury

The biggest industry beneficiaries were Japanese automakers Toyota, Honda and Nissan, which accounted for 41 percent of the new vehicle sales. That outpaced Detroit automakers General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, which had a share of nearly 39 percent. Toyota Motor Corp. led the industry with 19.4 percent of new sales, followed by General Motors Co. with 17.6 percent and Ford Motor Co. with 14.4 percent. — Clunkers Sold bunches

Proof positive that Americans will continuously attempt to find new ways to screw their neighbors.  Buying foreign made cars using a program designed to help the local economy (I know that a majority of those cars are built in America, but my point stands)

The health care scream-ate is a good example of this.  While there are some malcontents who will never be happy in Canada until they can pay money to push a dying patient off of an operating patient because they can afford to, people in countries were universal health care is already set in at least mushy concrete can’t understand why Americans don’t want it.

In this brilliant article Mary Dejevsky correctly points out that Americans simply cannot fathom the idea that their tax dollars would be used to help out someone other than themselves.  As if they should see the benefit of every dollar in taxes that are spent.  This same mindset supported pre-emptive war because they could be sure that someone was getting fucked over using “their” dollar, and that warmed their cold, shriveled hearts.