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The Road is Loooong

The Road is Loooong, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

with Maaaaneeee a Wiiiindiing tuuurrnnnn….

Oh yeah, travel travel travel.

It’s not that wrong of a trip to my ‘rents. In fact I’ve already developed the mental “shortcuts” that gloss over repeated long drives that make it seem to take “no time at all”. Frequent long-haulers will know all about this, so will heavy drinkers (it’s time travel, right?)

You drive from point a to point b and back again and the aggregate mental stress of the trip is Zero, right? You don’t accrue it in your head, it’s not wasted (because you never actually spent that time, you just found yourself at the end of the trip at your destination, like you were already there).

I live to punctuate with with short bouts of photography and enthusiastic sing-along with my IPOD (through the scar stereo if there is any question in your mind about it).

This particular drive was surprisingly police free, which is a welcome change from the constant police-a-palooza that the trip usually is. I don’t really speed (I maintain a fairly constant pace, but I don’t speed) but I’m always unnerved by the cops either way. I’ve been passed at times when I have been above the limit (on hills and so on, or when the speed has drifted up to 90) and am always perplexed by it. Where are people going that they need to go so fast? They’ll get there in the end. If you are always late, why not leave earlier?

I dunno, I like the long drive in the spring, summer and fall [even winter when the weather is okay] you get to just “be” then you get somewhere with no effort at all. It’s like being rewarded for watching TV or something.

How about you? How do you feel about long drives? How do you pass the time?