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Now the Spawn is Sick too

My little girl got sick last night, about 10:30 or so.

Really sick.

Pea soup style.


She took a nice shower and now she has taken over the bucket, we’re filling her with Green Tea now too.


I’m still sore, and now I’m totally without sleep since yesterday morning.  I was all living dead in the AM yesterday, so I have no idea how long I’ve really been awake.  Yesterday was the longest day in recent memory and it has stretched it’s arms into the morning and kept me from sleep.

You Bastard Monday!!!!

I’m still sore, but I’m not sick.  I’ve just cleared my slate here at work (such as I could) and thought I’d post a blog post before I Green’d up myself.  Wonderful stuff.

Boy am I glad

I have such a great storage tank.

I haven’t had a bite to eat in, uh, it’s 12:22PM Monday, Right?  So it’s been (conservativley) 40 hours since I ate last.  I wonder how long I can go before I need to eat again?

I have been living on water, Green Tea and 2 vitamins.  Somewhere in the next day or so I want to  eat, but I wonder if I can go 48 full hours before I eat?  Probably, I carry about 120 pounds of extra body weight, right?
I still ache all over, like I’ve been lifting weights all day and I can’t talk. I mean at all, talking wears me out.  I get out of breath and have to take a little break.  It must have been all the vomitting, I dunno.  My whole chest is one big pain.

My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, I’ll probably eat when I actualy get hungry.  I’ve been sweetening my Green Tea with sugar, that is probably why I haven’t been hungry at all.
I text’d Dan late last night (well, early this morning) sorry Chief, I wanted to make sure I passed on the info to you.

I slept well last night, I expect I’ll be in the office tomorrow.  I probably would have went in today, except for the no talking thing, which kind of puts a cramp on my “talking-centered” job.

Damn Stomach

It look slike I gave myself Food Poisoning on Saturday.

I’ve been sick for the past 24 hours or so and I don’t feel that much better, I emptied my stomach and all, so all that was left was liquid.  I still feel prety lousy and my chest,etc hurt like hell.

Today was the longest day in history for me though, I kept gapping out and waking up, but the day never seemd to end.  It’s 11:10PM now and I should go back to bed (the couch) until I feel better, but it’s so hot n here now.

On a side note, drinking Green Tea stopped the vomit.  I’ve been drinking it all day and I stopped throwing up once an hour.

Go Green Tea!