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Obama and Friends
Credit to: OldMaison @ Flickr

The Olympics have come and gone and Canada has apparently won “The most medals Evar” by a host nation.  Which is nice I suppose.

With a price tag of 8 Billion and counting I hope that the balance sheet works out for Vancouver as the Recession continues unabated.  Right?  Around here I think people would be willing to literally shovel shit for work as the job market tightens into a tight ball like a potato bug and doesn’t show any signs of letting up; never mind the HUNDREDS of positions in the want ads.  If the news tells you that it’s poverty-aggeddon then you should behave like it is.

Good luck recouping those costs that have been laid out on your behalf;  by comparison the estimated cost (dollars) for each day in Afghanistan is approx. 3 Million (  with the expected total cost to be 11.3 billion.  Just think, for 3 Billion more Canada could have been saving Iraq too!  How exciting; huh?

All of that nonsense aside; the Winter Olympics have indeed brought out some nice nationalism in the Canadian people; allowing them to show again that even in the face of glorious victory they don’t destroy their own downtown in celebration.  I’m not naming names or anything; but at least one big fratboy neighbor on the Continent can’t really say the same.

Stephen Harper, not even original.


All Clubbed up, sure, but what is going on there?  Why is Stephen Harper saying the EXACT same thing as John Howard?  Liberals, NDP etc, hang this on him like the weight of infamy it is.

If Stephen Harper had been Prime minister; Canada would likely have been in Iraq, young men wasted in the pursuit of nothing but death.  Remember this… Remind Canadians of this.

Canadian Politics are Boring: The Toothless Harper

Sorry Harper - What am I sorry about today?
Sorry Harper – “What am I sorry about today?”

As I’ve stated before, I don’t think Canadian Politics could get any less interesting. The Big Bad Dog that is Stephen Harper has become almost invisible behind his Minions in the Parliament, he just has to “on occasion” kiss a pig and pat a baby.  Yaawwwn.

Even Canadian Conservative Blogs are boring, true they filled with ridiculous personal attacks rather than substantive discussion about politics; but still boring.   And as for the Liberal or Non-Partisan websites, some haven’t updated since February.

Celine Dion is still not enough of a Personality to drive an election; and lets face it, he isn’t going to help a Liberal win.  It’s time for the Liberals to take a LOUD public stance, dump Celine and move towards a stronger and more NEWSWORTHY position, the scandals of the past are nearly forgotten; but if they can’t put out a series of candidates who can say “Things are good, but we can make them better in this way…” then it’s time to let Harper call another election and bide your time to the next cycle.

Harper’s near invisibility is a stroke of genius, Bush’s biggest mistake in the US was ever speaking about anything, he should have just kept to prepared and written statements and pretty much disappeared behind his political hacks, causing them to fall on their swords as they pulled boner after boner on his say.  Harper’s near complete media non-existence lets his party stay safely in power as there is always a plausible deniability of “it was some other minister” when something goes bad.

It's hard to write about Canadian Politics

Some days, when I’m not writing about Miniature Popes and Singing Peas I look at the Google News Page for inspiration;  I’d like to write more about Canadian Politics but it’s far too dull and I simly can’t get excited about it.

For Example:  Dion sensing mood for an election

I hoped initially that this was going to be about Celine Dion and quietly replaced all of the references to Stephan to Celine in my head; thus:

OTTAWA–Canadians are increasingly in the mood for a federal election this fall, says Singer Celine Dion.

“More than before,” Celine Dion said yesterday when asked what he was hearing on the road about voters’ desire to go to the polls. “We have seen over the winter and the spring, more and more interest for federal politics and more and more appetite for an election.”

But it may be another election – the U.S. presidential contest – that will also help the Liberals in any electoral battle here, Celine Dion says.

Now we’re getting somewhere; you can actually imagine that animate skelton crooning these lines out on stage, butchering the English language while she belts it out.   That would make the whole idea of anyone named “Dion” running for Prime Minister that much more exciting.  He’s just not that much of a character.  Which is a detriment in politics (if one was to ask me).

Stephen Harper angries up my blood when he ISN’T the prime minister because he gets to say and do outrageous crap.  As Prime Minister, he has his cabinet to do that for him.  Sure, he has a shocking lack of humanity and the look of a “true believer” that is equal parts unnerving and creepy; but let’s face it being in the public eye has really mellowed him.  He’s no George Bush Jr. He’s George Bush Juniors monkey.