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Amateur Super Heroics sometimes involve nightsticks


This is no way to get things going if you are going to pick up Amateur Super Heroics.  In fact, I might suggest that this looks like total failure.  This is the climax of issue one of Kick Ass (soon to be a major motion picture in theaters from Lions’ Gate).  The basic plot isn’t really that much, no real motivations except heroics (maybe dead mommy issues) and the desire to do something.  The “real” world has a share of the “Duff Man” styled super heroes running around being fat in tights.  Kick Ass looks to say “those are the posers, this is what happens when you really want to do something”

Things improve for our protagonist by issue two:


I can’t say I was really into Kick Ass when it first came out, I had a full plate of Invincible and other standard superheroes and “alternate superheroics” (The Boys, Black Summer, Etc) do read.  So when Kick Ass wasn’t right there for me to read, I missed a few issues and then forgot about it.    It was violent and gritty, but “The Boys” showed superheropes getting their orbits cracked by a little scottish Simon Pegg.  How could Kick Ass compete?  A Movie is a good start.

The Intro seems to mirror the first pages of the Comic and the extended trailers looks REALLY amazing and the clips convinced me of Nic Cages commitment to the material.  It looks like Kick Ass will be setting the “Violent as a Japanese Guro Horror” bar for 2010, but really, I hope it’s not just ridiculous violence like Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police.

Fought Super-Spies in my Sleep

I write about my dreams here in the blog every once in a while, so I don’t feel too exposed when I say that last night I dreamed I was a super-powered spy.  I had a watch that could be used to select from a series of super abilities (like a super powered jump or super strength) and a goofy robot companion.

In the part of the dream I clearly remember, my team leader was drawing out a super-spy villainess out of her bunker so that we could apprehend her.  In true comedy action fashion, our goofy robot sidekick popped up and tipped her off, so she took off using her own super powers, while we gave chase.  I rounded a corner, (using super jumping to catch up) and found her standing over the bodies of my team mates, laughing at me.  I lunged at her and as I did woke up to find I was lunging at my wife in my sleep and apparently about to do her harm as I grabbed her.  She said “Hey!” and shook me off and I woke up, feeling sheepish.

It was quite a wake up.