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Tag: Sweetcron

Ghoulish Disapointment and Why I can't tell you about it


I was excited for months about the prospect of a Zombie Walk here in London this past weekend, but as the day came closed it became clear that the whole thing was some kid’s idea and not anything serious.  Not that Zombie dress-up needs to be serious, but it didn’t seem to have anything behind it save a desire to get out on the weekend.  No permits no organization not even a flash mob kind of thing, just some kids.

Oh well.  It was called off at the last minute (as far as I know) maybe there will be one in the fall.


I finally appear to have contracted the same twitter disorder as Joel Johnson, where my twitter kinda-sorta works.  I guess I’ll reserve complaint (as it IS free) but SweetCron can’t come quicker, really.