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Airport Security is for the Poor

Full Body Scanners Installed In 10 US Airports

Where are the threats? Where are the terrorists? Where is the danger? Is there ANYONE on /. that knows where the proven irrefutable answers are?

These scanners are not necessary in any other country. Not even those that have actual terrorist living there (according to bushco). What is the real reason for these scanners?

I’m betting that it is to acclimatize the populace to intrusive searches for ‘security’ reasons.

I had the distinct fortune to fly on a private plane recently. It was not large, but it was just for me and Jen.

I didn’t even have to produce ID.

Now, I wasn’t crossing any borders, but I also didn’t have to go through any form of security or get asked any questions about my bags either. I *WAS* going on a plane that *COULD* be used for terrorism, but no one cared to even perform the basic anti-terrorism or security checks that we are forced to endure when we board a large passenger plane.

I flew out of Person International, before anyone thinks I was flying from some out of the way airfield run by Scorpio and Co.

So, what do I think was going on? Put simply, security checks are for the poor and the “masses”.

If one was a terrorist, one could simply use a private jet to perform my nefarious deeds with planes. Considering how wealthy at least one Terrorist is; this doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

Look, I’m all for asking people to leave their weapons in locked suitcases, but lets assure people that their cases won’t be opened and ransacked by underpaid unmonitored tsa (or not) employees after they leave the care of the customer.

I’m fine with x-rays and so on, but let’s not get crazy. Airport security has already veered into, totally insane, and the practice of ignoring it in the case of private planes is just insulting to the rest of the world.

What do you think?