Helpful Phrases for Hentai in German

“I’m sorry, but is that your tentacle in my underwear?”

Ich traurig, aber sind sind dieses tentacle in meiner Unterwäsche?

Please remove your giant penis like tounge from my room, it is quite disturbing!

Entfernen Sie bitte Ihren riesigen Penis wie tounge von meinem Raum, es stört durchaus!

I am smitten by your prowess with that sword, make love to me!

Ich smitten durch Ihre Fähigkeit mit dieser Klinge, bilde mir Liebe!

Are you a lesbian?

Sind Sie ein Lesbier?

Is that the famous former english prime minister Margret Thatcher?

Ist der der berühmte ehemalige englische Premierminister Margret Thatcher?

Madeline Albright can Win you over

I had the opportunity to watch Madeleine Albright’s testimony before the 9/11 commision yesterday, on TV that is. Besides the eloquence and poise she displayed and the reams of informaiton provided, she also took the time to admonish the current administration. She did so in the form of flattering attacks, “the president is under al ot of stress…making the US unpopular” etc…

It was fun, no wonder she was able to make so many friends around the world.

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