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So Busy Today

I was so overwhelmed by my work today.  I handled 50% of the total measurable work volume today and I really felt it (considering there are three of us).  Not to mention the face-to-face work and the ongoing work, I’m really stressing the lack of another head on the team.

The actual work is easy, but as time stretches on I can see things getting out of hand.

That’s life in the tech industry I guess.

NiteGirl took her first driving lessons this weekend, (30 mins total) with some practice around the neighborhood and a local high school parking lot.  She did really well, and only made me scared for my life once.  That must be better than I did my first day out.

I did TheSpawn’s makeup yesterday (cheetah) it turned out okay, but I’ll revise it tomorrow.  I also supplied her with a bloody kitten as a prop, which went over gangbusters at the Halloween party.  TheSpawn won 6 contests including Best [loudest] Scream, Scariest Costume and Best Costume.  She was so proud!

I was pretty proud too, she got those lungs from me and my family!  She’ll have a great “Mom Voice” when she grows up.

That reminds me of a quick story I wrote on my private blog a couple years ago.

There were these ROTC kids messing around by a dumpster a fair distance from my friends and I as we waited for the bus.  They were getting louder and rowdier and eventually I got tired of their noise and obvious misbehavior (ROTC KIDS!!)  so I puffed up and gave them a big Authoritative “HEY!” and they scattered like confetti in the proverbial hurricane.

My Friends couldn’t believe the volume and depth of the voice that came from me; they had checked themselves when they heard it.  Funny Stuff.

A similar thing happened at a Basketball game; I was yelling “Brick” and “Psyche” during layups and free throws.  It was a blast.

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