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Sore Tooth Blues

I had a bad toothache way back in June/July.  The pain was relieved when a large chunk of popcorn came out from between my teeth a week later, it had been deep under my gum line all that week and driving me crazy.  The dentists I reached out to told me I would have to wait “about two to three weeks” before they could see me if it wasn’t an emergency.

Oh well, the pain was gone and except for pain when I ate candy or chocolate, my teeth felt much better.

A couple weeks back the pain came back and no amount of cleansing or picking at my gums had any effect, last Sunday I was tasting “rot” in my mouth when I ate.  This was it, a serious tooth problem.

I broke down on Monday and called a Dentist, and got in right away to see them, eighteen X-Rays were needed to establish a baseline for my mouth.  One tooth (Number 14) was in need of a Root Canal [yikes]

An appointment was made with a specialist and I was seen yesterday at 7:30 AM.  By 9:00AM i was on my way home.  The  whole thing was pretty painless, until the anesthetic wore off about half-way through, then it was not so nice.  After it was done my jaw hurt a bit, but I felt fine.  Talking sucked when I was at work and I avoided the phone as much as possible.

I felt okay at night, but my tooth hurt “a little”.

This morning my jaw was killing me and my tooth hurt ALOT.

It hurt enough to make me not want to speak.

I texted that I wasn’t coming in and went to sleep, pain killer less.

I feel better now.

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