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Woke up this morning…

We fell asleep watching Episode I and I woke up to Episode 4…  We are such geeks.  NiteGirl and I were watching the whole Episode 1 – Episode 6 marathon on Cinemax.

We broke it off during Jedi, or more exactly TheSpawn did.   I went upstairs and had a nice shower, i-pod playing my “picks” play list in the background.  It was just a great shower, I wasn’t thinking about work or money or anything, just getting clean and singing along with my i-pod.

Hmm, just confessed to singing in the shower, ah well.  I sing quietly to myself all day, badly too.

I’ve been surfing the web and hitting political news sites and blogs since I got out of the shower.  I made lunch and coffee for all of us (well, tea for TheSpawn)  TheSpawn and I had breakfast around 9AM (French Toast Sticks and Tea)

It has been a nice lazy Saturday.

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