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Neat Life

For the past few years I’ve bellyached pretty much all the time about how much I wanted to move home to Canada and near to my old home town.  I’m sure I drove a great deal of my co-workers and friends crazy with it.  Two things have always kept me from it, the lack of a job to go to and the lack of cash to make the move.

Now, as I’m facing the last 10 months I have on my work visa, I’m facing a more untenable reality, I don’t want to leave yet.  I’ve lived here for as long as I have lived any place since leaving Kincardine in 1994.  In fact, I think I will have lived in this Townhouse longer than I’ve lived anywhere (excepting my parent’s house in Kincardine where I lived for 8 years.

On top of all that, I’m very comfortable here in Eugene.  I mean, look at the views I get!

I know the staff at the local comic shops, by name even.  I’ve made a few friends that I really value and I’ve made a real life here.

I’m not saying that I want to go the citizenship route, but I don’t think I’m totally burnt out on Eugene yet.

That being said, if the right job came along and I could live someplace just as picturesque (but still urban enough…) I’d probably move along.

It’s the dilemma I face.

It’s so much of a dilemma I was trying to sell my comics.  All six Long Boxes.

C’est La Vie.

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