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Boring New Years

I think NiteGirl drank more than I did over New Years; that’s saying a great deal since she drank about two bottles of wine.  She was feeling depressed because her sister brought up her Grandpa, and NiteGirl just can’t seem to get over her Grandpa’s death.  (It has been a couple of years now) So she drank, partly to forget, partly to just get her drunk on.

Otherwise it was all quiet for New Years, we rang it in at Midnight EST so that NiteCat could participate and we fired

Popped out
Popped out

off some poppers (large and small).

It made a big mess, which is still pretty much hang around today.  We fired the majority of the streamer type stuff onto the tree but inevitably some got on the ground and will require a good vacuum to pick it up.

Kodos had an accident with some pipe cleaners over the weekend and needed some first-aid.  He will site for me and take some cleaning and anti-biotic cream but struggles if NiteGirl and NiteCat are near (I think he knows I can put up with the biting and scratching better than the girls)
On a cool note, NiteCat was wathcing “The Future is Wild” on Animal Planet and announced that she could tell it was fake animals, because they looked like computer animation.

Proud?  I could have burst.

By the way, she DOES believe in Evolution.  The Cavemen argument works.

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