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Proud and Happy

I’ve been fighting with XGL and Beryl on my Ubuntu box for ages, the other day there I tried out the Live DVD for Sabayon linux (a Gentoo Distro) and it just “worked” with Beryl.  I plotzed after so many failures, here it was, working!

The problem was that it was on the spare computer (belonging to NiteCat)  damn.

Anyway, NiteCat was so taken by the 3D desktop and graphic stuff that she asked to go over to Sabyon on a permanent basis.  After a few false starts I installed it (and dual booted it with the existing Windows installation)

Sadly, Beryl didn’t work.


Some forum diving got me to the point where I was installing a new driver (which didn’t seem to work)

A reboot later and it all works (even after more reboots)

I’m so happy, NiteCat can still play her games and can get into using Linux!

Good for her!

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