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Such a Klutz

What’s the most klutzy thing you’ve ever done?
Submitted by Jecka.

I think every injury I’ve ever had was due to my own klutziness, but here is the best:

Have you seen “Mary Poppins”?  I have, tons of times; it was on “Disney Sunday” or whatever that show was over and over as I was a kid, so I’ve head the damn thing over and over.  Anyway I’ve seen That movie a ton, and when I was younger (under 8 I think) I’d seen it enough times to make me believe that the whole Umbrella thing was a workable plan for flight.

One blustery and windy day I took a big umbrella and with a weary look over my shoulder at the poor grounded people; ( who wouldn’t be flying that afternoon) I opened up the umbrella and felt the wind pull me.  It Pulled me right off my feet , and in a moment of joyous flight, right onto my knees.   Right onto my knees on a broken bottle.  In fact, in a moment of cosmic kismet right onto the thick upturned bottom of a glass bottle, waiting hungrily for young knees.

Initially it didn’t even hurt, or bleed.  I looked down into the innards of my knee and saw the off-white goo inside.  Then it bled.  It bled like crazy and so I cried.  I cried and yelled and got hustled off to the hospital.

It sucked.

I still have a scar, but at least I got to fly for a little… like Mary Poppins.  D’Oh.

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