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Just got out of the movie, I have a little time to get a quick review in.

in a word, thrilling. the film, once it got going was exciting and gripping and bloody all at once.

EDIT:  Stupid Handheld!

I was writing that on a bench at the mall after walking from the movie after it ended.  The hand held stopped working… damn.

As I was about to say, the film was great.  I knew what was coming, the plot was no secret to me and I still loved it. I don’t think anyone who likes Action/Drama/Myths will come away disappointed.

Now… there was one scene, one scene in particular that made me laugh out loud, and I don’t think it was played for laughs.

It made me laugh sop loud that my laugh was infectious and the whole front of the theater burst into raucous laughs.

I won’t say which, but I will say it has to do with fearing the whip.

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