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the "Homer" special

The “Homer” Special, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Every Friday the office supplies us with treats, recently it has been Doughnuts and muffins.

It used to be Bagels and Doughnuts. I preferred the bagels, as I could kind of justify eating them as they were “just bread”. The doughnuts are a different kind of sin for me; so I try to avoid eating them.

They moved the “drop off” area for them over to a desk right next to mine, so I have to sit there and sort of “be next to them” for about 3-6 hours on fridays. It’s kind of liberating, as I can say “I’m not eating them” because there is no loss of community if I don’t go and get some (as everyone has to come to me to see them)

On a side note, I did something I haven’t been able to do for a while today, I bent from the waist and tied my shoes. Maybe I’m just limber today, but maybe I really am losing weight. I hope it’s the latter.

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