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On Vox: Huh, Amazing Lists!

Digg "Entertainment" has really degraded over the past couple of weeks into Digg "Pop Culture Lists"

Check it out

Here are the top stories as I write this:

  1. The 10 Most Awesome Movies Hollywood Ever Killed

  2. The 50 Hottest Women in Music

  3. YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart

  4. The 25 Most Notable Celebrity Quotes of the Past 25 Years

  5. Can't earn enough from CD sales? Sell live concert recordings on USB sticks

  6. The Top 10 Scenes From The Office

See what I mean?  4 out of six, lists.

I like lists, and enjoy them for entertainment, but this is getting beyond the joke.  Essentially "Entertainment News" is supplanted by "Pop Culture Nerd Opinion"  which is pretty much pointless. 

I like pop culture, I like debating it and its merits.  We pretty much run on Pop culture trivia over here and it is part of our common lexicon and cultural chorus; but please for the love of mike, Digg, let's digg something other than lists, kay?

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