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On Vox: Stardust: A Movie with Flamboyant Pirates.

I had initially titled this post “Stardust:   A Movie with Gay Flamboyant Pirates.” but there is no strike through for the title, which is a small allegory for the film itself.

It was funny; yes.

I enjoyed it, most certainly.

Was it Lame?  Nope.

Did it lack?


As per usual with anything “Non Sandman” that Neil Gaiman writes, the whole thing telegraphs itself and just meanders to the obvious conclusion, with no real conflict or worry.  You know how it is going to end from the first knowing wink in the first act.

What saves this flick from my “bad” books is that I simply didn’t care that I knew how it was going to end.  I was constantly amused by the unexpected cameos and characters, as well as the VERY dark humor that abounded through it.  Not to mention the best Pirate character we have seen in a while.  I won’t give it away, but this role was played to better effect by the actual actor than the actor being aped (Robin Williams).  Bravo for the casting choice.

Claire Danes plays an annoying brat who learns to stop being annoying and love the man who found her just a few days ago and clapper her in magic chains, what’s not to love about magical bondage games?  Who wouldn’t want a few rounds with Miss Danes, if only to stop her from pouting (yet again) through yet another role.  For those of you not familiar with her past role in “My So-Called Life” I’ll sum up the entire series in one sentence:  the hot but not too hot and not too bright girl you knew in high school never did get her head together, but was constantly upset at her inability to get it together. 

I lost the thread a bit there; um.  Oh Yes.

The fights are quite good, well choreographed, especially the one with the Zombie.  For frequent readers, you might be aware of my affection for the recently dead and now animate.  This is more of a voodoo deal, so it;s not to my taste.  That being said, the fight itself is fantastic. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend this film to my action film friends as well as my “movie movie” friends as I enjoyed the humor so much, I imagine they will too.

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