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Kilts are not for you

Utilikilt’s irreverent “license agreement” – Boing Boing

CJ from Utilikilts writes: “I am responsible for receiving and cataloging all the images customers send in to our web site. We use the images on our web site, in our marketing literature, etc, so we need to inform our customers about this and get a release from them. So I wrote a release they would WANT to sign! I

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  These pleated affairs are not Kilts, they are skirts.  If you want to wear a skirt, then say so.  Don’t hide behind Scottish Culture’s wrapped tartan midriff to pretend otherwise. 

Basic rules of Kilt Wearing:

No Sporran = Not a  Kilt 
Pleats = Not a Kilt 
Shaved or less than shaggy legs = Not a Kilt

There you go, basic rules for Kilts.  Also, if you can’t roll your Rs, then you are banned from ever evening thinking of wearing a Kilt.  Unless you are a girl, then Sally Forth!

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