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On Vox: Thorny Decisions & A Drive Through the Snow

I was in London today for an Interview (I go the Job!)  I've got another job interview with the Local Nuke Plant and one with an Automotive Firm up on Manitoulin Island in the next week or so so I'm kind of in a bind on the Job thing.  One one hand I have a generous offer from the Firm I interviewed with today  and on the other I have tried to get into the Local Power Concern for years and finally have an Interview for a decent job with them.

The Culture at the firm today seemed really awesome, however I really want to make sure that I give these other two firms a go.  It has been six months since I left Symantec and I want to ensure I make the best possible decision.

Please enjoy this short video presentation about my drive home.  It's one long shot and demonstrates the kind of weather we get up here in Bruce County.  The Song is "Midnight Cowboy"

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