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On Vox: Free Ideas for a Movie Derived from an Older Movie

I watched the "classic" Blob movie this morning (starring Steve McQueen if you are not sure which one I am referring to).  Besides observing why Steve McQueen was popular (dude could act).  I percolated an idea for a sequel that would use the trope of current events to unleash the Blob on middle American once again, and I don't mean .

     The premise, 60 years after the Blob was airlifted from Downington to the Arctic, the dire warnings of Al Gore have found the ear of the Air Force personnel in charge of monitoring the Downington Blob and they have decided that the Arctic is no longer cold enough and decide to move the Blob south to the center of the Antarctic.  An airlift is organized and the capsule is retrieved from the Arctic. 

     Mid-flight (over the US, in a bit of bad planning of course) the plane is downed by a massive thunderstorm over Arizona.   The Capsule is dropped west of a small town, not far from Phoenix.  A massive heatwave has forced all but the hardiest of the citizenry into their homes, even late at night.  The Blob defrosts into a series of smaller chunks that spread through the sewers of the town, crawling into homes via their toilets and sinks.  The Blob slips into the throats of sleeping citizens and gestates there, taking over the bodies while keeping them alive along to keep the Blob at body temperature.  Some citizens are walked into the capsule to be eaten, some are used as puppets to maintain secrecy.  The giveaway is that the intrusion of the blob gives them a distinctive walk or wight loss (as they have been eaten from the inside out).

    Obviously the military investigates the crash, but are dissuaded about the capsule by a Blob puppet who shows them an emptied portion and "confirms" that the blob was simply burned up by the crash.

    Like the first film, the Blob is discovered by some kids who attempt to convince the authorities that there is something going on with the people that have been taken over by the Blob.  They use cell phone cameras to video tape an old woman being collapsed from within by a Blob and post it on YouTube.  In Downington a 67 year old Steve (played by Damien Lewis in makeup) sees the video on his Grandkids computer and investigates it with his contacts in he Air Force.

    The Air Force decides to cordon off the town with the help of the National Guard and the Army.  It is too late, as some of the puppets have made their way to Phoenix.

    The movie is left with an apocolyptic moment when a Blob rises from the Desert Floor, ringed with thunderstorms and tornadoes, making it's own weather due to its sheer volume.  Phoenix is destroyed by the Blob before Steve works with Danny (his Brother in Law) to develop a refrigerant bomb that causes an endothermic reaction in the Blob, killing the main body.

The writer is free to add in social comments like discussions about Global Climate change and Fox News/Pundit jokes.

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