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On Vox: Job search 2008 – Search Over

Well, Not Yet.

Not Yet.

Here is our New Place

It is a three bedroom 3 story unit, the master bedroom opens onto the balcony you see above the garage.  I think it faces North and South, which makes for dim mornings and hot afternoons.  It has a nice finished basement which means I can hid my TV and sound system down there.  Good stuff.

I took a few pictures when we toured it, but I'll take better ones when we do the move-in inspection.  I think I will document the whole deal here so that we can be sure that no one forgets it the way it was.

This also mean that yes, I will be living and working in London Ontario.  Starting February 11, I will be working in London for a software firm.  As I don't want to run afoul of any bad luck, I won't spill anything about it.

The Office is about 15-20 minutes from the house, the house is next to a nice school.  Bonus.

There are some stores nearby, I wonder if the nearest Walmart is 24/7?  The best sign I saw was that they had about 20 Rock Band units for the 360 there.  I could have my Family band together by mid-March.  Lol.

I'll be moving in tomorrow and in the unit to LIVE as of Sunday night. 

Oh yeah, if you are in Canada and not aware, the weekend of the 18th is a long weekend.  Also Bonus.

I expect to move this PC that I'm tapping away on to the new house on Sunday, which puts me out of reach for the Internets for about 3 to 5 days.

This also sucks.

I'm gonna call my potential new ISP today and ask if I can have the service setup before my phone arrives.  Should be a fun conversation.

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