Excitement and Loss

So I didn’t get the job with the brewery. Not because of any personal failing (save accepting it weeks ago) but because it was no longer available. The good news is that I am heading out to Manitoulin Island next week in order to meet with their IT Manager and visit the site. The exciting part here is that Jen gets to come along and we’re spending two nights out there!

We’ll see how that goes. I took some pictures this weekend, some nudes, some family. The family pictures aren’t so good. I’m hoping to take better pictures this weekend of the confirmation of my newphew.

The new Blogger Paradigm

So, I’m moving away from my VOX Blog now… in favor of just using my own blog platform at my hosted site. This means that I have a bunch more control over what I do with my blog(s) and can crosspost as I see fit. I love VOX and if it was more open I’d stick to it, but with no API for outside connectivity it becomes just another spare blog to me.

Anyway, I like the idea of a nice central blog location at my “home”

When I get a new Linux box set up I’ll move all of my blog platform there and move completely into my own control. So we’ll see how the transition goes.