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It's a nice rainy day in London

YouTube – Garbage. I’m only happy when it rains.

Another Day in London. We’re giving the house a good clean today as we are expecting some contractors to come busting in here to replace the floors in our bathrooms. As of yet we have heard nothing, called the Super to see if he knows where they are, he’s busy, left a message.

I’m waiting for word from that test, I’m harboring hopeful fantasies that I’m the only person who actually sat down and performed the test on time so I get to bypass the whole interview process. (It’s a fantasy, see?). I’ve been fiddling with the “skin” on the blog site as I love those sites that display all their meta-data at the bottom of the page as a footer instead of the main page, I may switch.

On actual site news, I have removed the VOX blog posts from the main www page in favor of posts from this represents my final step away from my box blog until they release an API that will let me blog from my main blog and crosspost to VOX, BLOGGER & Livejournal simultaneously (without creative hacks).

Happy Monday & Gouge Away

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