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Day: November 19, 2008

Activity on 2008-11-19

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Good Morning, took ages to get going today, hopefully the flywheel is up to speed now.
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I had to use a MAN page to resolve a question and consult Kernel notes to verify something, truly this is a golden nerdy age.
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New blog post: Racist of the Week: Sad Bastard BNP Member
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HTOP is the Shizz, that is all.
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New blog post: For Rememberance Sake and SSH in the Future

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For Rememberance Sake and SSH in the Future

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    Getting Started

  1. First, install OpenSSH on two UNIX machines, hurly and burly. This works best using DSA keys and SSH2 by default as far as I can tell. All the other HOWTOs I’ve seen seem to deal with RSA keys and SSH1, and the instructions not surprisingly fail to work with SSH2.
  2. On each machine type ssh and make a connection with your regular password. This will create a .ssh dir in your home directory with the proper perms.
  3. On your primary machine where you want your secret keys to live (let’s say hurly), type
    ssh-keygen -t dsa

    This will prompt you for a secret passphrase. If this is your primary identity key, make sure to use a good passphrase. If this works right you will get two files called id_dsa and in your .ssh dir. Note: it is possible to just press the enter key when prompted for a passphrase, which will make a key with no passphrase. This is a Bad Idea ™ for an identity key, so don’t do it! See below for uses of keys without passphrases.

  4. scp ~/.ssh/ burly:.ssh/authorized_keys2

    Copy the file to the other host’s .ssh dir with the name authorized_keys2.

  5. Now burly is ready to accept your ssh key. How to tell it which keys to use? The ssh-add command will do it. For a test, type
    ssh-agent sh -c 'ssh-add < /dev/null && bash'

    This will start the ssh-agent, add your default identity(prompting you for your passphrase), and spawn a bash shell. From this new shell you should be able to:

  6. ssh burly

Racist of the Week: Sad Bastard BNP Member

I’m a fucking Prison Officer! My name is printed on the list too! I’d like the party to make a legal case under the DPA 1998 and the Human Rights Act to have all the people on this list protected in some way.

Anonymous Commenter

An unknown party leaked the Party Membership rolls of the British National Party to the Internet.  Which prompted some discussion on the matter.

Like other organizations of the same stripe (The National Socialist Party or the Christian Heritage Party) the BNP gets by on either Xenophobic persecution of the “other” in society or the call for a return to “traditional values”.  This appeals to people on a number of levels; it appeals to their desire for a stable society (which is an admirable desire, as society really needs some form of status quo) and a desire for a “return to gentler values” which may be suspect as I think a long-view of history would show that the world is in fact a much gentler place than it has ever been, but with a more aggressive face (all hat no battle so to speak).

Yet, where these organization stray from their admirable goals is the use of prejudices to gain acceptance, rather than organizing around an ideal like “You remember how when you were a kid, your mom took good care of you, we’re like that” they say “remember when there were no something-ies in the neighbourhood, we liked that and want things like that again”.  We have one ideal of a positive and one couched in a prejudicial negative.   Rather than “for” something, the BNP is organized as “against” something and someone else.  Which is where they have really lost their way.

I’m all for cultural preservation and the celebration of national history, swing that bat all you want.  It’s just that in civil society, you don’t threaten to use a REAL BAT to do it.

As for this sad little Prison Officer, look where he wants to go, he wants the Government to protect him, the same Government he previously chided for giving asylum to other oppressed persons.  The Irony is thick and delicious, kind of like a nice Clotted Cream.