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Day: November 25, 2008

Activity on 2008-11-25

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Time to Clear off the car.. Snow is teh suck
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Still Not Awake Yet, Speaking And Writing In Capitalized Words! Also Everything Is An Exclamation To Wake Me Up!
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New blog post: Repeating the Retouching Process
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London Tweeters: What’s this about banning Drink at Private Functions on Public Property?
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@KVL Is there an official statement on it yet?
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I have a horrible squeal in my right ear.

There were 6 Events on November 25th

Repeating the Retouching Process

Morning LeavesWatch for Water

I’ve been poking away at some older pictures, trying to juice them for more Arty goodness.

Take these two for example, the original (retouched) version is on the Left.  I tried to deepen the contrast and enhance the decayed look of it.  On the right we have a deeper contrast pulled from a semi-HDR version of the same image, enhanced via multiple processes.

A Trash OutA Trash Out High Contrast

In this second Example; I have retouched an earlier picture in an attempt to give it a bit more punch, which I think I achieved. As opposed to the above examples, I didn’t take any hands-on steps to enhance the image; instead relying upon simple overall color and tone enhancement.