Twitter Updates for 2008-11-04

  • “The Departed” follows an obvious arc, but I thought it would be Anthony Edwards, not the weasel assistant… 4 stars! #
  • BHO:GC Is he the Smiler? #
  • “The Lines you Amend” may be the Finest Canadian Pop/Rock song ever… except for “If you love her, buy her a gun” #
  • MF: [on Bjork] “she’d leap off the bed in mid-coitus, announcing “SANDWICH.” Then she’d return from the kitchen with a duck.” #
  • My New Job has me working from 6PM – 2AM… Afternoon Movies YES, late night TV, NO #
  • Organized my Documents, tools and Files for the next IT guy here at the Planet #
  • Longtime Symc Folks: Are the Ninja Mice available for House Calls? #
  • Nearly twenty years later I have just realized that the gross “Donair” Pizza from Yellow Submarine was *trying* to be delicious Greek Pizza! #
  • My Electionfilter is Eddie Izzard #
  • Say a little Prayer for my Demo, My Demo, My Demo, My Demo…. #
  • This song makes me wish my subwoofer ws hooked up… maybe I’ll hook it up soon. #

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