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Day: February 27, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-27

  • New Toilet, No More Water, funny smell in laundry. What’s up now? #
  • My Xbox just Red Ringed, for those of you taking notes that’s exactly 2 years since we bought it #
  • London Tweeters: I want an RGB to Component Cable, where can I find one? #
  • at Argyle, London, Ontario, Canada (3 stars): Autodata offices #
  • After these Tea Parties tomorrow ID’ing actual radical Anti-Government folks will be easy, just look at the footage from the rallies! #
  • I am Jacks Utter disapproval, which has nothing to do with #teaparty #
  • Oh What a Lovely #teaparty #
  • Have you seen “Jay and Silet BobnStrike Back”? There’s a reference to a #teaparty in that movie too; It’s less onanistic though. #
  • RT Send your tea party photos directly to to have auto-posted 2! someone tell 4chan! #
  • It’s hard to forget that it’s not Friday when I have an unexpected Day Off Tomorrow… #

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