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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-24

  • Chicken Parmesan (no breading or cheese on the final product) for Supper, What’s your Dinner Looking like? #
  • Oh Geez, It’s freaking hot in this Office. Who turned on the damn Ceramics Furnace in here? #
  • Awesome! #
  • Please stop shopping at Circuit city: #
  • Werkin’ cleaned up some space issues, communicated displeasure with space hog. #
  • For later #
  • Cheers for now, back v soon #
  • Back for ages, why tweet it? #
  • Daemon McBain, you’re still a douche. #
  • Jen’s online SL “role playing” relationships may not be all about sex; but she’s on 14 hours a day! Someone Save me from SL Addiction! #
  • I have taken steps to deal with it, but I can’t make them permanent while she’s still addicted. #

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