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Day: August 15, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-15

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-15

  • Most people don't know that SEIU is affiliated with ACORN, which of course is Obama's personal army of thieves.| #alternatereality #
  • History Lesson all about dirty laundry #
  • I know Penn and Teller stack their show with idiots on the side they disagree with and industry execs when they agree; but why so blatant? #
  • @phronk FINALLY SUMMERY! in reply to phronk #
  • "It learned that this planet is like 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That is so hot." Sara Seager, a professor at MIT and Kepler team member – FML #
  • @phronk Sure, but why base your show around trying to "reveal X is bullshit" when you are clearly using Bullshit methods? No double blinds. in reply to phronk #
  • "It learned that this planet is like 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That is so hot." Sara Seager, a professor at MIT and Kepler team member – FML #
  • Finally a nice summer day for visiting the local nature spot #
  • Gaaaawwwd bless America!
    #teabaggers #
  • How many of the same people might show up to protest Obamacare #
  • I'm sure this was a technical glitch #copyrightcanada #
  • @spam @Doc2DocHealth is a spammer #
  • I started reading all the blog hits about page X and y of the "obamacare bill" and about 0% of them actually linked to #
  • ! hour of storm footage = 1 minute 30 of actual lightning strikes, and since the aperture wasn't set correctly, they are blurry. Fail #
  • OKay, it's 1:55 of footage but only about 30 seconds shows actual lightning #
  • This morning I recorded my drive into work for a big assemble edit I'm trying to get moving on, drove with AC off and windows down HUMID FTW #
  • RT @howsthedotcom 8 Regular Expressions You Should Know – Nettuts #
  • At work 2 hours early today (10AM) to deal with overflow work during a new product launch #
  • @Ford_Prefect2nd My sarcasm detector sometimes fails to ping on the Internets. You should read the rest of my tweets and be sure. in reply to Ford_Prefect2nd #
  • I spend way too much time fretting over US politics and not enough on Canadian. Are there any good LIBERAL (concept, no party) Can. Forums? #
  • @pixelsoul Not any time soon, maybe in the future. in reply to pixelsoul #
  • @wbconservative Do you believe the Bible is literally true or a series of allegories? in reply to wbconservative #
  • New Blog: Why I dig on Mashup #
  • Went out at midnight to look at the purty shootin' stars. Saw 6 of them, one really great fireball (semi-grazer) no pictures of them #
  • Both of my Parents are Cancer Survivors for Free (less than a month from diagnosis to some form of treatment too) #WeloveUniversalHealthCare #
  • Visit emergency (with Health Insurance) in the USA $85 – Visit Emergency in Canada $0 #WeLoveUniversalHealthCare #
  • Antibiotics at Walmart in the USA $150 (with Drug Coverage) – Same AntiBiotics in Canada (without ohip) $35 – #WeLoveUniversalHealthCare #
  • @wbconservative Good to know, welcome to Being Blocked. in reply to wbconservative #
  • Hey! ONe of my favorite Mashup Artists has a website #
  • Considering Robert Kirkman has nearly killed it anyway, why worry? #
  • When I was a small child is spent tons of time in Emergency Care at zero cost to my parents #welovethenhs (Yes, I was born in West Lothian) #
  • My DemiCanadian BAstard Lunatic remains in the top 2000 #
  • Jared's Character is also doing well #
  • @Ultramegakungfu Odd doings at the Circle K. in reply to Ultramegakungfu #
  • Went out to see the meteors last night, saw six, then it clouded up. One left a big trail in the sky for a few seconds. No Pictures. #
  • Umm, yuo want to check out Jack Conte's new Song Gulf; I mean now #
  • derailed my drive into work for a bit #
    There's no way this could be related to that failed Cash for Clunkers program, could it? #
  • @spam @DiannaCreameA Is a spammer #
  • Executive Order #1 | Any Congressman or Senator who spoke against "Government Health Care" can no longer receive it. Forever. #
  • Executive Order #2 | No More Popped collars. Douche-bags will need to find a less obvious way to ID each other. #
  • Mike Cox (R) Mich. Approves a 22% rate increase on single insurance purchasers – Choose that! #
  • John Waters Reading for Later #
  • "All about noodling?" #failednprshows #
  • Cameras Charging / Lenses Selected, Tripod missing… shoot. Where is the Tripod? #
  • Viva le Difference (I know that it means something else) #
  • Lunatic Fringe, really ugly
    | Not in Canada, please! #
  • It’s beginning to look alot like… | Local Blogger Writes the World #
    | Tear Gas Evade! #
  • Review: Walking Dead 64: Finally! Something to Smile about | Local Blogger Writes the World #
  • At 10PM my AC goes from 75 to 80, it just came on because the temp just topped 81… NICE! Welcome SUMMER! #

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