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Day: August 14, 2009

Review: Walking Dead 64: Finally! Something to Smile about

Dale has a big Surprise
Dale has a big Surprise

After about what 10 issues of “Let’s Shit on the main cast some more” we get an issue where Rick is neither a giant blubbering douche or leading his son into mortal danger.  While it opens with Dale getting served as a nice leg-o-retiree but at least it’s amusing;  see, Dale is laughing!  It’s not all bad being kidnapped by cannibals during a zombie apocalypse, clearly there’s some kind of upside.

The Cannibals would be a nice change of pace if it wasn’t for the roving rapists from a few issues back. The Man’s inhumanity towards man plotline was pretty much settled during the climax of the fourth year with Rick losing his entire family and 75% of the main cast dying.  Adding more “Oh, here’s some more people who gave up on humanity after the big die off” is just ridiculous, it might be more realistic (in comic logic) but it’s not really.  People tend to bunch up in adversity and while some fall to criminality and lawlessness, the majority try to get by and survive, a cannibal community doesn’t exactly have survival in mind, does it?

Oh well, overlooking this clunker of a plot point (seriously, it just sets up more people for murder by Rick and Son and doesn’t really make them any more heroic, just bloody handed) besides all that we don’t get to hear from the magic phone in this issue (so no insight into Rick’s mental state either).  There is a bit of action too, but it’s more of the “RUN AWAY” kind:

Run Away!
Run Away!

I won’t spoil it, since it sets up the first really badass moment we’ve seen in a while.

So thank-you Mr. Kirkman for making Issue 64 interesting, maybe the thought of a TV Series won’t seem so bad in light of an equally uplifting issue 65

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-14

  • Went out to see the meteors last night, saw six, then it clouded up. One left a big trail in the sky for a few seconds. No Pictures. #
  • Umm, yuo want to check out Jack Conte's new Song Gulf; I mean now #
  • derailed my drive into work for a bit #
    There's no way this could be related to that failed Cash for Clunkers program, could it? #
  • @spam @DiannaCreameA Is a spammer #
  • Executive Order #1 | Any Congressman or Senator who spoke against "Government Health Care" can no longer receive it. Forever. #
  • Executive Order #2 | No More Popped collars. Douche-bags will need to find a less obvious way to ID each other. #
  • Mike Cox (R) Mich. Approves a 22% rate increase on single insurance purchasers – Choose that! #

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