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Twitter Updates for 2009-08-07

  • Dear Dick Morris; Please travel more #
  • Welcome Back Twitter… hmmm…. Two Blogs no tweets…I'll post them in a minute. #
  • Nice Summer? #
  • Wes Anderson: your Muse | #
  • This is what those "tea party riots" are defending The Status quo is Sick and Twisted in the USA #
  • Floated my Blog out and back in order to clean up the database; it's running much faster now, great! #
  • RT @ThatKevinSmith John Hughes, the man who spoke for geeks way before anyone else did. (RIP) #
  • Why are Americans, collectively willing to accept a royal shafting all the time in the name of "capitalism" (really feudalism) #
  • I wish I still had the number of the attack mice service, I really do. The office would have a squishy mouse carpet of trained death mice. #
  • John Waters better not die soon. I have Roman Polanski next in my "director death pool" and if John goes first I miss the Trifecta. #
  • 私のようなピザ! #
  • This is AWESOME! #
  • 私はカメのように! #

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