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Twitter Updates for 2009-08-08

  • Oh God, dragged out of bed just after sunrise! Had to drive into the office to fix connectivity issues. Now What? #
  • What was the name of the song that had a video of a girl dating a cardboard standup of a boy (she takes him to the fair and stuff)..Canadian #
  • Elected Republicans: big Quitters all around, unless they are actually criminals and philanderers, those folks stick like herpes. #
  • Yup, those teaparty folks, nothing but "Ladies" and "Gentlemen" #
  • @Shoq You really want to interview my parents, my mother has an artifical hip, survived cancer (twice) and my dad had prostate cancer zero $ in reply to Shoq #
  • @chairboy Don't Miss Shermer. in reply to chairboy #
  • @RevNathan It might actually be warm here this weekend, I'm so excited! in reply to RevNathan #

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