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Twitter Updates for 2009-08-14

  • Went out to see the meteors last night, saw six, then it clouded up. One left a big trail in the sky for a few seconds. No Pictures. #
  • Umm, yuo want to check out Jack Conte's new Song Gulf; I mean now #
  • derailed my drive into work for a bit #
    There's no way this could be related to that failed Cash for Clunkers program, could it? #
  • @spam @DiannaCreameA Is a spammer #
  • Executive Order #1 | Any Congressman or Senator who spoke against "Government Health Care" can no longer receive it. Forever. #
  • Executive Order #2 | No More Popped collars. Douche-bags will need to find a less obvious way to ID each other. #
  • Mike Cox (R) Mich. Approves a 22% rate increase on single insurance purchasers – Choose that! #

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