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Day: January 31, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24 #
  • "Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has compared giving people government assistance to feeding stray animals." Folks, your American Conservative speaks. #
  • It's late, sat up watching movies and panel shows from the UK, it was an alright way to spend a Sunday evening. Kinda inebriated. #
  • Gotta get up to meet the phone installation person across town in five and a half hours… may not make it…. #
  • had to go over to new house at an ungodly hour (if you accept that 8am is ungodly) set up utilities to switch off at old place next week #
  • If a scarce resource is more valuable, are each of you more priceless than worthless? #
  • "I want my money back" V. Interesting #
  • So frustrated, need to write a long blog post but have no time and will forget about it later on. #
  • If the bill can't involve money, why are the examples so costly? #
  • Fun Stuff #
  • "Dungeons & Dragons Banned in Wis. Prison – Promotes Gangs" Tubby, 10, 4, and 20-sided dice toting gangs. They can't handle a Magic Missile! #
  • @tomtomorrow That caller thinks they are being heroic in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • @willsansbury More of a liability, so much of "the good stuff" requires a modicum of programming to really get the best out of it initially in reply to willsansbury #
  • Why does this author spend so much time on what the protagonist is eating? I bet the author is tubby, huh? #
  • Could be my last night in the condo, maybe I should sleep in the living room on an inflatable bed like "old times" #
  • there were four full boxes now there are four empty boxes, this is the 3rd load, yeesh! #
  • I took the Twitter spelling test and scored: 95% (A) from the incredible @oatmeal #
  • Hi Friend, is that the title of the Deadmau5 song that was on The X just now? #
  • Six hours to get the big stuff out of the condo and then utterly make a mess of the new house, what a day. 12 hours of it thus far #

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