This book gave me hope when I was younger and had less to lose, should my last freedoms be taken away by the government. I hope the author doesn’t feel responsible for inciting anyone into acts of violence. There are many “dangerous” books and other writings like this, with authors ranging from anarchy-minded 20-somethings, to military officers writing sensitive field manuals that they never expected to be disseminated beyond the DoD. And all points in between.

Please don’t blame yourself. Writing this book made the world less dangerous, if it had any effect at all. It ended brutal cases of schoolyard bullying, by bringing the case of Mutually Assured Destruction to the average citizen. And there are volumes of similar material, from all kinds of sources.

The only thing you can share any responsibility for is having armed the world’s citizens against increasingly secretive, corrupt, and inhumane governments.

I wish I could find the manual so I could post a link, if it’s still available. But there are alot of books & pamphlets that discuss non-violent resistance, mainly through sabotage. Removing/changing street signs, destroying street lights, cutting every cable you see, blocking busy roads with large objects, damaging tires on vehicles used by the occupying force. Damage fuel pumps, but don’t torch the filling station.
After all, we won’t be allowed to drive, or have internet or possibly even electricity – but they will. And the occupation will quickly become too expensive to maintain if enough people know & use the proper techniques.

Bobhughes –