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Day: July 10, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10

  • Anxiety isn't messing with my emotional state too much, but it is messing with my sleep. Maybe exercise will help today…. #
  • @ThatKevinSmith If anything we're your uncle, that would be strange. Maybe not in YOUR house though. =) in reply to ThatKevinSmith #
  • Hmm, I think I'll try this out later: #
  • Asian beef soup was good, banana was good…. didn't find any St. John's wort though #
  • Dear Body, please get me home okay and then get to the gym and to the store okay then we can sleep, is it a deal? #
  • Felling better while Im busy. New remedy helped a bit. Slept okay but looking forward to weekend to sleep in. #
  • Ugh, at least I'm not tired today? Okay. Maybe I am. Sigh. #
  • Being Anxious is exhausting, I gotta get a hold of this (sometimes it goes away which is awesome, but especially when I'm distracted) #
  • Slept well last night. Not busy today, I'd rather be busy than idle.

    Gym today and lawn? #

  • @bunnymcintosh I'm over at in reply to bunnymcintosh #
  • Cut the chin beard a bit today, found split-middle hairs in the stragglers… split-middles? WTH! #
  • Medicine taken, breakfast eaten, tutorial built and online, not even 9am #
  • Wow, I was able to read an article about politics without feeling impending doom, I may be getting better. #
  • @RayS I'm hoping it's me getting better and not my medicine, but I suspect it's the medicine |2 nights of sleep in a row and normal appetite in reply to RayS #
  • @katiewest Well, It stands to reason that Conan had his ideas about what is Best as well, but I think we can agree to disagree with him. in reply to katiewest #
  • *urp* that was good, but not 8 dollars good, that was the first cafeteria meal here where I felt ripped off…. but c'est la vie #
  • @somerled Doesn't the appendix store our "good" bacteria? until we know for sure, I'd say no. in reply to hartjeedanique #
  • The best thing I read today #
  • Photo: Damn right #
  • Photo: Strawberry, at least it was strawberry. Only in the comics I guess #
  • Photo: Heartbreaking Tearjerker thedailywhat: #
  • Had a "bad" night, got enough sleep though, bad morning too. Need to be busy!!!1 #
  • For those that are interested, I started on SJW this week for my anxiety and it's working. I may have to go to a higher concentration #
  • Gettin' better as the day goes on, hopin' for another great night #
  • phhooo, ate too much yesterday, which no doubt contributed to my panic at night, trying to only eat enough to not be hungry today. #
  • Want | but wish it didn't share on the net (is there a fOSS alternative?) #
  • The soup is WAY too salty #
  • Alright! Moved Car appointment to next week… budget breathing easier #
  • Photo: Read the sign #
  • Gas tank is full, car is clean(ish) and in about an hour or two we're gonna go have some wings and beer on the patio…. #
  • SJW Day 6, wavering anxiety here and there (not gone, just blunted) slept really well overnight, got things done in the am #

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